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For European customers, we think that you are planning for a summer vacation.
Please don’t forget placing an order before you leave for the vacation.
We will introduce some of the items that you might be interested in adding to a new order or your current one.

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Here are the items that are in stock now or will become available very soon.

MOISS Guitar Care ver.2 (MOISS2) 

It’s a device to adjust the humidity of the inside of the guitar.
We have modified the indicator to understand it more easily.
The prototype was displayed at the Musikmesse this year and the modification was welcomed.
The first batch of the new version will become available very soon.
Please click here for further information.

for Dreadnought guitars or 100mm dia.
sound hole
for Classical guitars or 85mm dia.
sound hole
HSS(High Speed Steel) Micro Chisels 

We have just received the first batch.
You can use these Micro Chisels for a nut slot and a saddle slot.
Regarding the 1.1mm wide chisel, it can be used for a violin purfling slot.
If you use these Micro Chisels for a saddle slot,
we recommend that you use our saddle slot files (TL-SF2 or TL-SF3) after you shave off the bottom of the saddle slot.

  TL-MC11 1.1mm wide blade

  TL-MC22 2.2mm wide blade

  TL-MC30 3.0mm wide blade


Must buy together for adjusting a saddle slot!

    TL-SF2 2.0mm thick

    TL-SF3 3.0mm thick

Please note that our saddle slot files have a round shape at the both edges.
This helps you to file the bottom of the saddle slot to the end.

9.5” Radius Necks with Medium-Jumbo Fret Wire 

We already have some of these new necks in our inventory for quick delivery.
Four kinds of the necks are available as mentioned below.
Radius: 9.5”
Fret wire: Medium-Jumbo (Width of Crown: 2.62mm / Height of Crown: 1.17mm)

HNK-11/95R ST Maple one piece

HNK-12/95R ST Maple with Rosewood

HNK-21/95R TC Maple one piece

HNK-22/95R TC Maple with Rosewood

3 in 1 Diamond Fret Crowning File 

One tool has three different radiuses for small, medium, and jumbo fret wires.
We have displayed this tool at several shows till now.
Many customers and visitors liked this tool very much.
We do believe that it will be a good seller.
Grit of Diamond: #600

#600 Diamond Fret Crowning File

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