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In Japan a consumption tax has been increased from 5% to 8% since April.
It seems that luxury goods like cars and jewels sold more than usual in March.
Also, our government is going to increase the consumption tax again next year and then it’ll be raised to 10%.
Because of this, consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises will have a harder time,
but we hope that the bad influence will be the minimum.
Any changes in your country?

Thank you for your continued support.



Kluson style Tuners with Magnum Lock-Trad (MG-T) 

Gotoh has decided to start a production for SD90 and SD91 with Magnum Lock-Trad in the near future.
Actually, we displayed the samples at NAMM and Musikmesse this year and we had a good reputation there.
When the new machine heads become available, we’ll let you know on this Hosco News.

SD91-05M w/MG-T SD91-05M MGT2
In-Tune Saddle Set 

You might already know, but we will inform you about this just in case.
Last year Gotoh started producing some bridges with Titanium saddles.
And Gotoh has installed the In-Tune saddles onto the Tele bridges.
Many customers wanted to purchase the In-Tune saddles only.
So Gotoh has started selling the In-Tune saddles individually.
Originally, the In-Tune saddles were made of Titanium only, but Brass is also available now.
You can sell the In-Tune saddle set to your customers as something for upgrade, custom, or replacement.
Please try them!

In-Tune Ti      Solid Titanium, set of 3

In-Tune BS      Solid Brass, set of 3

Binding Glue with Aluminum Packaging 

We have added another packaging on the binding glue since 2014.
This aluminum packaging helps the expiry date to be longer.
Now you can choose the two ways of packaging.
If you are a manufacture and if you use up the glue within 1 year, you can choose a plastic bottle version and get a lower price.
But if you carry the glue for re-sale and if you need to stock it over 1 year, please choose the new aluminum packaging.
Then the expiry date will be about 2-3 years.
Please note that the minimum order quantity is 200 pcs.
Also, the glue MUST be shipped via ocean because of its property.



w/Aluminum packaging


w/Plastic bottle

Fret Saw Guide 

The first batch will become available at the end of May.
If you have already carried our Fret Slot Cutting Saws, the Fret Saw Guide will be must-buy!
It helps you to cut the fret slots more easily and accurately.
For customers who have never purchased our saws before, why don’t you try them with the Fret Saw Guide?
Here is the link for further information.

H-FSWG      Fret Saw Guide (for HOSCO fret saws)
Size         195 x 90 x 25mm
Weight       475g

You can download our catalogs for Hosco parts, and Gotoh from our website.
Here is the link.


Our office will be closed from May 3rd to 6th due to our national holidays.
Sorry for causing you inconvenience.